Wilco Engineering Inc. is an underground engineering company based in Santa Barbara, California. Specializing in complex underground structures as well as power pole removals where power poles are hazardous and/or unsightly. We work with SoCal Edison, PG&E, SoCal Gas, Comcast, Frontier, Cox Cable, Santa Barbara County Fire dept., Santa Barbara City, and Montecito Fire districts as well as, Santa Barbara City Search and Rescue, sanitary and water districts in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, and Santa Ynez Valley.

We also offer consulting for complex underground utility planning, installation and repair services. We cover telecom, electric, fireeline and fire protection services water & sewer from end to end. Working together with city officials, utility companies and clients, to provide comprehensive construction services including expediting utility service requests, and emergency response services with safety, precision and efficiency.

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